South Africa - Welcome

At this moment due to South Africa’s tremendous advance on the promotion of tourism focusing on providing to the best world standards a new era is opening up and the country is becoming one of the worlds top destinations. Get a glimpse of this land from its 3000kms of beaches and coastline to its spectacular mountain ranges.


From the Kruger Park in the north to the excellent malaria free game parks in the southern part of the country. Wildlife preservation is our priority in choice of safari reserves. Let us plan a true nature experience and the chance to see our big six by adding whale watching to the big five-lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino.

Couple it with a Garden Route tour, from Cape Town through the winelands experiencing stunning country side hemmed in between mountains and the sea. It is here that the three great passions of gourmet cuisine, wine and golf are blended together in a splendor to be experienced.

For the golfer we feature courses of the highest international standards.

When is the best time to visit South Africa?

It is really any time, but here are a few suggestions.

The best time for beach weather is late spring to early Autumn. Mid summer has the hottest weather, but is also the busiest time. Kwa Zulu Natal is the best place to spend a beach holiday in winter because of the Mozambican current flowing down the Eastern Coast.

Golfers will find that golf can be played all year round in the country.

The famous Namaqualand flowers in the Western and Northern Cape are best seen in Spring, and just after their rains.. August and September.

Whale watching season is from May to November. The best seasons for hiking are spring and autumn as the weather is the mildest. Summer can be very hot and have violent thunder storms in the northern parts whilst winter snow can be found on the mountain ranges in the Cape.

Most people agree that winter (July-September) is the best time to go on Safari in the north as the foliage is sparse and the animals are easier to spot. In the south of the country ?? ...anytime.